Ballista A modern distributed compute platform

This Week in Ballista #11

Welcome to “This Week in Ballista”, a weekly newsletter that summarizes activity in the Ballista Distributed Compute project.

Ballista is a modern distributed compute platform powered by Apache Arrow and primarily implemented in Rust, but designed to provide first-class support for other programming languages, including Python, C++, and Java.

DataFusion and Ballista have moved to a new repository

DataFusion and Ballista have now been combined and moved to a new repository:

The core Arrow and Parquet crates have also moved to a new repository:

Unfortunately, this means that the Ballista project has now lost the 2,200 stars that it had reached in the original repository so please consider visiting the new repo and adding a star if you are interested in following the project.

Ballista User Interface and REST API

The Ballista scheduler now has a REST API and Web UI to show cluster state. Currently, this is shows the list of executors in the cluster and then plan is to extend this to show active and completed queries, along with query plans.

Future Communications

Now that Ballista is part of Apache Arrow, this will be the last edition of “This Week in Ballista”, at least in its current form. We do want to keep sharing project news and we are exploring the best options for doing so as part of an Apache project.


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